aboutThe Artist
Signe (pronounced Say-nah), lives in the Bay Area with her husband and crazy dog Mrs. Daisy Wiggles. She has a BFA and Masters Degree in Theater and has worked professionally as a performer, designer, and theater teacher. In 2003 she decided to pursue her other artistic passion, jewelry design. She has studied various beading and wire working techniques, polymer clay, fine silver fusing, hand knotting on silk cord, and silversmith techniques. 

The Work

"My work is very similar to “collage.” When creating a piece of jewelry, I think about creating a picture that tells a story or evokes an emotion. I want each piece to express a point of view and, I hope, reveal something about the wearer. My strength as an artist is in combining color and texture. Having a background in acting and theater design, I find inspiration for my jewelry from many different areas: classic Hollywood films, art, music and literature."